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There are many people who are eager to have a light body, a crystalline body, and we want you to know that the best way to get there from where you are now is to acknowledge that you are the light that will be expressing in a different form. It will be you, not the body, that makes the big difference in the way you experience yourself and your life. Don’t hold back. Don’t wait for everyone else to be ready for the shift in consciousness. 

Let the light of your true beingness shine and transform yourself from the inside out. You can melt away any blockage, any trauma, any stuck emotion, by remembering that you are the light, and you can put yourself on an entirely different timeline with a different past and a different future at any time in any day, because you are more like us than you know. 

We have just decided not to be merged with a physical form, and yes, that does make it easier for us to maintain a high vibration. But you can do it too. We know that you can. We know that you are becoming those light-bodied beings, but we also know that there is no time like the present to feel into the truth of who you are and to heal every aspect of who you have been.

Daniel Scranton’s Channeling • Channeling, Spirituality & Consciousness