A Letter to UK’s Chief Coroners Office on Disturbing COVID and COVID Vaccination Deaths

Counter Information

ByJohn O’Looney

Global Research, August 20, 2022

First published October 29, 2021


Incisive analysis of Funeral DirectorJohn O’Looney


Dear Sir,

My name is John and I run my own funeral home in Milton Keynes – this is mewww.mkffs.co.uk.

I have been a funeral director for 15 years, ten of those were spent with the cooperative funeral care and the last five I have been running my own funeral home.

During this time I spent 7 years working as a coroners removal man, dealing with the recovery of deceased on behalf of the coroner in my area which was Northamptonshire.

I write to you with very grave concerns around these Covid vaccinations and Covid generally, over the last 20 months I have seen a series of very disturbing patterns and patterns in death rates and circumstance’s surrounding Covid.

I have seen massive efforts made to…

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