Charlie Gasparino: Truth Social Owes Vendor $1.6 Million

At least he’s consistent. The ex-president with a decades-long history of screwing over his vendors is once again the face of a company with major financial troubles and unhappy unpaid vendors.

TRUTH Social, the social media platform launched by former President Donald Trump to post his various complaints and musings after getting permabanned from Twitter, is reportedly having major financial problems, including owing its web hosting company $1.6 million.

Trump himself has struggled recently hiring a top-notch legal team to defend him regarding the Mar-a-Lago search warrant, reportedly due in no small part to his well-documented history of failing to pay his legal bills, and the attorneys he did manage to hire have made some humiliating stumbles even in these early stages of the case. If RightForge expels TRUTH Social from their web hosting services after this publicly-reported spat over nonpayment, the platform may find it challenging to sign up a new provider.

mediaite Charlie Gasparino: Truth Social Owes Vendor $1.6 Million