McConnell Would Rather Lose The Senate Than His Status

Having been in Congress since 1985, McConnell has spent decades clawing his way to the top of Senate GOP leadership, while simultaneously spending millions of dollars through super PACs in Republican primaries across the country to back candidates who will support such a conquest. For him to full-heartedly back anti-establishment candidates such as Masters in a general election would mean bringing a conservative to Washington who could potentially oust him from such a position and actually return power to conservative Americans. And for the 80-year-old Senate Minority Leader, that is simply unacceptable.

Whether Republican voters like to admit it, McConnell and the GOP establishment have looked down on them — and continue to do so — with utter disdain. Such is the reason why any Republican candidate not specifically chosen by party leadership must be both delegitimized and destroyed. No matter the cost, the establishment simply cannot allow the base of the party to disrupt its decades-long hold on power.

McConnell Would Rather Lose The Senate Than His Status