US Has Cut Water Supplies for 7 States During Climate-Induced Drought

The federal government’s recent announcement that it would impose significant cutbacks in water allocations to the seven states reliant on water from the drought-stricken Colorado River is the latest sign that climate change is ravaging global water systems.

In Europe, much of the continent is facing its worst drought in half a millennium, with water levels on rivers like the Danube so low that sunken World War II ships are being exposed above the water line. Major hydroelectric generators in France, Italy and Spain are seeing drops in electricity production of 30 percent this summer. Crop yields across the continent are dwindling as the weather heats up and the rains fail to materialize, with the production of many staples forecast to decline by up to 9 percent over the next year.

In China, crops yields are also being hammered by the hottest (and longest) heat wave on record, and so worried is the government that it is launching a series of “Hail Mary” attempts to seed the clouds in the skies above the dwindling Yangtze River with rain producing molecules.

Truthout US Has Cut Water Supplies for 7 States During Climate-Induced Drought