Hedges: Why the media censors truth about Ukraine – RISE UP TIMES

The press in the US and most of Europe slavishly echoes the opinions of a ruling elite and oversees a public discourse that is often unhinged from the real world. It openly discredits or censors anything that counters the dominant narrative about Ukraine, however factual.

Chris Hedges:  I would put it down to cowardice in that they didn’t want to go out, and careerism, that they wanted to be credentialed as war correspondents without being war correspondents. So I was not working for The New York Times in the war in El Salvador, so I didn’t have that kind of power. But those of us who were going out and reporting on the atrocities in El Salvador were battling establishment figures such as with The New York Times. There was a horrible woman there who never left the hotel and wrote whatever the embassy handed her.

So we were battling not only the local forces that were attempting to block our reporting, but the press, competitors within the press, especially papers like The New York Times, who were printing stuff diametrically opposed to what we were writing. Of course, it was false.

And so getting back to Ukraine, my problem with the reporting, and I know this is your problem as well, is that the truth about how information is being managed – And let’s be clear, I’ve covered many wars, both sides in a war lie like they breathe; The Russians are lying in the same way the Ukrainians are lying. The only way to tell is if you’re there. But I think there is not the understanding by the mass of the American public and probably the European public that most of the press, in essence, is not there.

So on Monday, they get an account from some field commander that the Russians are sheltering in the plant. And on Tuesday they speak to somebody else, and the Russians are shelling the plant. And since their only sources of information are the Ukrainians, they go in to print with both. I thought of all the examples of nonsensical reporting we’ve had over the months, I think this is right up there with the worst.

Hedges: Why the media censors truth about Ukraine – RISE UP TIMES