MoA – The Ukrainian ‘Counteroffensive’ Was Destined To Fail – Today It Did So

On September 1, the very day the IAEA delegation was to arrive, the Ukrainian side made a daring attack to seize the ZNPP. But the Russian side had been warned. The two waves of Ukrainian special forces, also trained by Britain, were killed while crossing the reservoir or were running into ambushes as soon as they had landed. They ended up dead. The IAEA inspection proceeded as planned.

The only mention of it I found in the New York Times is this:

In early April Johnson had called on and visited Kiev to stop well developed peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine:

In a statement, the [Russian defense] ministry claimed that Russian forces had intercepted two groups of Ukrainian commandos, up to 60 troops combined, who crossed the Dnipro River in boats to sabotage or seize the plant.

Heads in Kiev should and will likely roll over this. But that is not enough. Those in London who came up with this lunatic idea should be removed from their positions.
Meanwhile U.S. President Joe Biden has asked for $13.7 billion in additional money for Ukraine.
He wants to fight Russia down to the very last Ukrainian. A fight Russia does not want but is assured to win.
Can Biden be held to account for this?
MoA – The Ukrainian ‘Counteroffensive’ Was Destined To Fail – Today It Did So