The Old Dissolves, Paradise is to Follow – Era of Light

Many will try to hold on to the old, and this will only make things more difficult. When resisting change, chaos comes into play. We do not speak of this to cause fear, we do it only to perhaps help you prepare.

The energies are in flux, things can go either way. By this we do not mean one of the ways being preserving the old. We speak in terms of releasing it gradually, instead of an over night collapse, which is what the dark ones desire. And based on the current energy of the collective, the current state of the world, the ladder is quite possible. Which would mean the next few months are not going to be easy for many on Earth.

Humanity must do everything in its power to maintain the peace, to not seek conflict, particularly between each other. You must make time to go within, meditate, pray, and help the world rise into a higher frequency.

For those who are aware of the changes occurring, especially aware of Earth’s ascension, you must bring into use your wisdom for these times. Do not be afraid to speak, sharing your truth with as many as possible. Let the people know that whatever we may lose during this transformation, it will be replaced by something greater, more kind, and beneficial for all of humanity and the Earth.

The Old Dissolves, Paradise is to Follow – Era of Light