A Naturopathic Approach for Eczema | Anthrobotanica

There are lots of useful functional tests that I use in clinic to assess underlying factors and current state of health, including comprehensive blood panels, organic acids testing, mycotoxin panels, stool test, skin and nasal swabs. MARCoNS (multiple resistant coagulase-negative staphylococcus) testing is very useful and I have correlated colonisation in some patients with species linked with early development of atopic eczema.

Herbs are an integral part of my approach, particularly aromatic water topical blends, nasal sprays where relevant, creams, teas, bath blends, and powders. Topical use of aromatic waters have been amazing in clearing antibiotic-resistant species without much disruption. Supplements, including digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and zinc help.

A Naturopathic Approach for Eczema | Anthrobotanica