State Senators And Frontline Doctor File Unprecedented GRAND JURY PETITION Against CDC

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Alicia Powe

Gateway Pundit



After dedicating nearly two years to investigating the CDC’s nefarious scheme that enabled the government to commit crimes against humanity, a frontline doctor, two state senators and their team of legal and medical experts, veteran data analysts, and certified death recording clerks are employing a legal apparatus that may finally hold the culprits to account.

“We’ve been [investigating the CDC] since March 12, 2020,” Ealy continued. “We collectively have put in over 25,000 hours of work on this. It culminated in a grand jury petition that we filed in the 9th Circuit Court on March 7, 2022. The wheels of justice turn very slow if they turn at all. The defendants that we named, are Rochelle Walensky, current director of the CDC, Xavier Becerra, the current secretary of HHS, Brian Moyer, the current head of the…

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