Western Media Continues to Ignore Ukraine’s Public ‘Kill List’ Aimed at Those Who Question the Kiev Regime

The Most Revolutionary Act

Eva Bartlett

The Mirotvorets list is an issue trending in independent and Russian media, but not in the mainstream international press.

This week, a number of international and Russian journalists convened in Moscow – with more joining by video link – to discuss the now-infamous Ukrainian Mirotvorets “kill list.” Many of them are included themselves.

While some don’t take it seriously, the horrific car-bombing murder of Darya Dugina on August 20 and the subsequent marking on her Mirotvorets entry as “liquidated” makes it fairly clear the people behind the list do, in fact, want people dead.

The same thing happened to the entry of Russian photojournalistAndrei Steninand many others listed and subsequently killed, including the Italian Andrea Rocchelli.

“September 8 is observed as International Day of Journalists’ Solidarity. On this day, the world commemorates members of the press who died in the line of duty…”*Oles Buzina was on…

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