Madness Of King Charles


Start at 15 minutes in…

We’ve heard the Media bias bullshit about the Queen. Now it’s time for a few truths they are scared of you knowing.

Covers non taxable ‘income’

Covers empire

Covers commonwealth countries

Covers plundered gold, jewels, artwork and other assets from colonized countries

Covers ‘unfreedom’, where truth is not allowed to be spoken

Covers lockdowns, social distancing, masks, testing, jabs and closing small businesses, with royals fully supporting it all

Covers WWF, world wildlife fund fakery

Covers Charles ‘proclamation’ making himself King

Covers royal hypocrisy

Covers media brainwashing about ‘royals’

Covers illegal monarchy

Covers ‘Her Majesties’ government

Covers King Charles WEF obsession and his following Klaus Schwab Great Reset global plan. Why is he in favor of the ‘New World Order’?

Covers ongoing trend of Royal Empire crumbling to dust globally, by colonies owned by the queen/king getting rid of monarchy control of government, lands and resources, which he wants to reverse.

Covers history of King Charles I, until his head was lopped off by the people.

Why is England not a republic? How did the ‘royals’ turn England back into a monarchy, after they lost a war historically?

Covers the Great Plague

Covers hush fund of 10 million to cover up ‘noncrimes’ of royal family.

Covers King Charles attempt at putting in place his monarchy as an absolute power and ruler of England and all of it’s colonies. Remember that Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely

Why are the ‘royals’ exempt from all laws that the ordinary citizens are forced to follow?