Homeopathy: God Save the Queen’s Medicine | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) passed away at the impressive age of 96…and her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1900-2002) lived until the even more impressive 101 years of age. This longevity may not just be happenstance or even genetics, but it may in part be due to the fact that they had both been active advocates for and users of homeopathic medicine.

The use of and advocacy for homeopathy dates back many generations to the 1830s. Queen Adelaide (1792-1849), wife of King William IV, first made public her special interest in this “new medicine” in 1835. Other British aristocrats shared the Queen’s interests, including the Marquess of Anglesey who crossed the British Channel to go to Paris for treatment by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).

Queen Adelaide had been suffering from a serious malady that the court physicians could not deal with. The Queen called for the services of one of Hahnemann’s oldest and most faithful colleagues, Dr. Johann Ernst Stapf (1788-1860), who cured her, creating the first of many supporters of homeopathy from British royalty.

Homeopathy: God Save the Queen’s Medicine | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry