New Documents from Oil Industry Show Internal Deception

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

A shell employee in 2020 said the net-zero pathway has the company published has “nothing to do with our business plans”, to which a colleague replied that mixing the two (the net-zero pathway and the company’s actual plans) “would not be a good thing”.

The value of a good twitter feed.

New York Times reported yesterday on internal Oil industry documents, released under subpoena from The House Committee on Oversight and Reform, with hearings ongoing this morning – see opening statement above.
Journalist Ajit Naranjan has been going the documents and pulling out tar-encrusted jewels – some of which I post here.

New York Times:

Documents obtained by congressional investigators show that oil industry executives privately downplayed their companies’ own public messages about efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and weakened industry-wide commitments to push for climate policies.

Internal Exxon documents show that the oil giant pressed an industry group…

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