Artificial Sweeteners Linked with Heart Disease and Stroke: Study

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The results of a new, large scale, long-term scientific study suggest that high consumption of artificial sweeteners may have a direct association with cardiovascular disease risk, including heart attack and stroke.

Study overview

Researchers analyzed sweetener intake data on more than 100,000 adults from France. In particular, scientists examined participants’ intake of sweeteners from all dietary sources including drinks, table top sweeteners, and dairy products and compared it to their risk of heart or circulatory diseases.

Researchers tracked sweetener intake of study participants using diet records. Participants noted everything they ate, including which brand was used, for 24 hours, with the diet diary repeated three times at six month intervals – twice on week days and once on a weekend day. Thirty-seven percent of participants consumed artificial sweeteners with an average intake of 42.46 mg/day of artificial sweeteners. The average age of study participants was 42 and 80% of…

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