Planet Royal: “The Royal family are the galvanising force of colonialism” – Centre for Research on Globalization

The British Monarchy is one of the world’s more malignant forces and we are thoroughly entitled to say so. Quite contrary to its micromanaged image of a kindly benefactor, serving the best interests of the people, it is the apotheosis of rot, corruption and evil, an outdated institution harking back to the middle ages, steeped deep in scandal, nepotism, toxic entitlement. Accountability is absent. Its preening pageantry is bombastic yet dull. It is a bastion of elitism and intolerance, yet, despite being evidently malignant, criticising it is frowned upon.

Properly adhering to the rules of democracy, monarchies are illegitimate and basically illegal. Indeed, illegality is a running theme with the British royals, some characterised by their rancid crimes, such as Prince Andrew, clinging to his privilege to evade punishment for paedophilia and networking with sex traffickers. Despite the royals embodying scandal of this enormity there are, nonetheless, very few avenues left for criticising them.

Contractually obliged by virtue of their status as leaders of the institution of British Empire, the Royal family are the galvanising force of colonialism. The concept of empire sits in existence next to cancer, insofar as they are both forces for malignant growth. Bursts of enthusiasm for them are like cheering on your murderer. Down in their dirty secrets, past their disgraceful treatment of Diana, the Royal family were in cahoots with serial child abuser and rapist Jimmy Saville, who was so far in with the royals they used him as a mediator with Diana, who naturally loathed him.

Planet Royal: “The Royal family are the galvanising force of colonialism” – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization