Anti-Monarchy Protesters In The UK Arrested By Police

Police also arrested a man after he called out “Who elected him?” when Charles was declared king during a county proclamation in Oxford, England, on Sunday.

According to the man, Symon Hill, several security personnel tried to remove him before police came over and led him away. “They gave me confused answers when I asked on what grounds I had been arrested,” Hill wrote in a post. He said police handcuffed him, and after some back-and-forth, told him that he would be “de-arrested” and contacted for an interview later on, and possibly charged.

Thames Valley Police confirmed that a 45-year-old man was arrested “in connection with a disturbance” during the county proclamation of the King in Oxford.

A protester stood outside the gates holding up a sign that said “not my king” on one side and “abolish the monarchy” on the other, and Met Police surrounded them and quickly led them away.

buzzfeednews Anti-Monarchy Protesters In The UK Arrested By Police

No free speech in the UK anymore it seems.