Craig Murray: Mass Hysteria, UK-Royal Style – Consortium News

What is not in the doubt is the tendency of deluded mobs to turn on those who do not join in — and the capacity of the unscrupulous to exploit that power.

Attempts to intimidate people out of protesting against the monarchy appear broadly to have succeeded. We saw some hideous attacks on free speech over the last week, including people arrested for holding up placards, for peacefully expressing vocal dissent, or even for carrying eggs or blank pieces of paper.

A number of figures have stood up to come out arguing for freedom of speech – Andrew Marr, Martin Bell, John Sweeney, David Davis, Joanna Cherry, Michael Russell. These are all figures who broadly represent a liberal consensus in society that seems to have gone. As I know all but one of them, I hope they will forgive me for saying they tend to be slightly passé.

Craig Murray: Mass Hysteria, UK-Royal Style – Consortium News

‘Royal’ law does not allow critics, dissent or disagreement with the Queen or King, especially not making fun of them or calling them names. They cannot handle that, because of their huge egos, don’t you know.