Bread Prices In The European Union SOAR

The cost of bread has risen 18% to its highest price ever. The creation of fiat currency is obviously the main culprit, however, the mainstream media and ruling class will continue to pretend it’s all Russia’s fault for “invading” Ukraine. In August, the price of bread in the bloc was on average 18% higher compared to the same period a year ago. This is according to data released by the EU’s statistical office Eurostat on Monday.

“This is a huge increase compared with August 2021, when the price of bread was on average 3% higher than in August 2020,” Eurostat said according to a report by RT. The highest price increases were recorded in Hungary, where they soared by a whopping 66%. Bread prices in Lithuania saw a surge of 33%, while in Estonia and Slovakia they grew by 32%

With all of this going on in the EU, the state of Estonia has also concocted plans to seize guns from Russians. Nationals of Russia or Belarus living in Estonia who own firearms will be given a deadline to surrender them voluntarily, or have them seized by police as security threats, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Monday.

naturalblaze Bread Prices In The European Union SOAR