Archangel Gabriel; Refusing To Heal?

There’s an interesting phenomena we’d like to discuss today. Sometimes human beings, even though they know there is healing to be done, refuse to because they are resentful that they have to do the healing. They think they should have received the love and support they deserved, so they hold themselves back from healing because they think healing would somehow mean what happened to them was ok or didn’t matter.

We agree, you absolutely deserved to be loved and supported in all ways that would have allowed you to thrive. But refusing to create those conditions for yourself now is a perpetuation of the original wound. Hear us when we say your wounded aspects don’t care where the love comes from, they only want to be loved. How wonderful you have reached the point of your evolution where you can now step in as your own hero and give them everything they could ever possibly need! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 28, 2022 – Trinity Esoterics