What If Nearly Everyone Is Wrong About the Nord Stream Attack?

I’m not saying “both sides of the conflict are the same so what does it matter who wins or which crimes are committed by which side”. I’m saying, aside from whatever personal or petty gripes may run through the hierarchy, ultimately there is no conflict, and through cooperative complicity, both “sides” are equally responsible for every act within the Great Reset narrative.

To paraphrase Iain Davis in a recent comment, global governance has a management structure akin to any major corporation, and though individual managers or vice-presidents may seek personal advancement or pursue private rivalries, they are all ultimately answerable to the owner of the company, and all working toward the same overarching goal.

We can debate about the extent or complexity of the rivalries but we can’t afford to lose sight of the fact they only go so far, and beyond that point there is unity of purpose. They tell the same lies, they promote the same covert tyrannies. None of them are our friends.

jdrucker.substack What If Nearly Everyone Is Wrong About the Nord Stream Attack?