mask hallucination – by el gato malo – bad cattitude

why, it’s almost as if turning anxiety afflictions into forms of validation and virtue signaling for two years has made the pathologies of many people who were already struggling mentally/emotionally much, much worse.

at this stage of the game, even a rudimentary familiarity with the data has shown repeatedly that which was already known before covid: masks do not work to stop the spread of respiratory virus. they do not stop contagion, act as source control, or mitigate severity. the harms were well known and significant and the benefits illusory.

it was a talismanic superstition that went into vogue because it looked like “doing something” and while it did zero to stop covid, it did much to amplify a sense of crisis (as seeing masked people everywhere positively screams “not normal!”) and this has both broken the brains of the anxious and engendered a sort of addiction/dependence among them.

even the CDC has given up on trying to lie their way into claiming masks work.

restaurants, airplanes, theaters, and grocers have regained their senses.

playgrounds and playgroups have returned to normal.

but the top universities boldly solider on in their pseudoscientific panic prophylaxis.

mask hallucination – by el gato malo – bad cattitude