Herschel Walker says forget about him holding gun to his wife’s head because Jesus

So, the truth is, Walker did hold a gun to his wife’s head several times (and a knife to her throat) and tried to choke her. But it was over 15 years ago, so why should he have to talk about it now? Because he’s running for Senate.

But aside from his past, the accusations from Walker’s ex-wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman that the Trump-endorsed nominee threatened to kill her, and his own admission to having multiple personality disorder, Walker has proven himself to be out of his league in this Senate run.

Since Daily Kos began reporting on Walker after he announced his candidacy, we’ve uncovered lie upon lie about everything from graduating from the University of Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, to hiding the fact that he had any children other than his one 22-year-old son Christian, to the mammoth exaggerations about his business acumen, to the tall tale about the time he founded (or co-founded) the veteran’s organization Patriot Supportwhich he did not. He recently tried to deny that former President Donald Trump ever said the 2020 election was stolen, and the latest discovery of lies about his companies’ alleged charitable donations, of which nearly none were able to be verified by The Washington Post.

Herschel Walker says forget about him holding gun to his wife’s head because Jesus