Negative vaccine efficiency means being unvaccinated is safer

Kaiser Permanente is both an insurance company and a healthcare provider company.

Here is an important Kaiser preprint. On page 30, you can see a key following table, which shows how well 3 shots worked for over 120,000 Kaiser enrollees who were tested for COVID during Omicron. Kaiser did something unusual: it actually sequenced 16,418 positive COVID samples to determine the Omicron subvariant with which the enrollees were infected.

What it found was that for 4 out of 5 Omicron subvariants by 150 days (5 months) post shot, efficacy had fallen into negative territory, and Kaiser’s thrice-vaccinated enrollees were more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated.

joelshirschhorn.substack Negative vaccine efficiency means being unvaccinated is safer