More Demands From Ukraine

In Saner Thought

Our man in Ukraine Zelensky has made more demands from the US…..before it was more weapons then a demand for NATO to attack Russia….and now he has one more demand for the US… cover his ass.

Ukraine has passed it’s 2023 budget…..

Ukraine’s Rada approved a draft budget for 2023 in a closed session. The spending plan has a $30 billion deficit which Kiev largely expects to be covered by Washington. The White House has sent Ukraine tens of billions in aid since Russia invaded in February.

Yaroslav Zheleznyak, the first deputy chairman of parliament’s finance, tax and customs policy committee, said the first reading was passed by the legislature on Friday. The spending package will need to be resubmitted before receiving final approval.

Andrii Pyshnyi, the newly appointed head of Ukraine’s central bank, said the budget includes a $30 billion shortfall. Pyshnyi indicated that Kiev’s international partners are willing…

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