NEO-CONNED: Have We Already Forgotten The CIA’s Rape Of Russia During The 1990s? – By Hans Myrebro


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  • “…In June 1991, the Soviet Union was abolished by Boris Yeltsin, willingly assisted by both the KGB and the CIA’s top brass, who now aired gold and green forests. The IMF, the International Monetary Fund, was also in the background to make sure that everything was guaranteed to go wrong”

Have we already forgotten the CIA’s rape of Russia during the 1990s? – By Hans Myrebro

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Nowadays, we can witness in an all-too-clear way how the USA, with the help of its death squad, called NATO, has dragged Ukraine to the slaughterhouse in order to have a widened path into Russia. Or as Carl Gerhsman, head of the US’s subversive activities, put it in September 2014: “Ukraine is our biggest trophy, and an important step on the way to overthrowing Putin.”

We shall study with zeal what is…

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