Westinghouse sale another sign of new nuclear age • The Register

Uranium fuel producer Cameco Corp and investment firm Brookfield Renewable Partners intend to buy Westinghouse Electric Company…

Westinghouse Electric Company is currently owned by Brookfield Business Partners, a subsidiary of Brookfield Renewable under parent company Brookfield Asset Management.

Brookfield Business purchased Westinghouse Electric Company from Toshiba in 2018 after the latter placed Westinghouse in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in a bid to restructure it. Brookfield said that its management of Westinghouse nearly doubled the company’s profitability through restructuring and a refocus of its services.

The deal is still being negotiated and isn’t expected to close until the second half of 2023.

Westinghouse sale another sign of new nuclear age • The Register

Nuclear is a dead end street, as it produces only radioactive heavy metal poison gases and waste products that last for BILLIONS of years.