Capitalism is digging our graves via ecocide – Socialist Voice

Capitalism has failed people and the planet through overproduction, over-consumption, waste, greed, and inequality. These factors are all necessary for capitalism to survive; but the survival of capitalism is not compatible with the survival of life on this planet. It has driven it to the edge of catastrophe.

We need system change—an economy for the common good—to provide for the needs of humanity rather than to increase GDP, market share, and monopoly. This is not compatible with survival any longer, if it ever was

Private schools, private transport, private hospitals and private housing waste resources and cost more to operate and use. This in turn requires more work, which produces more unnecessary goods and services, which use more resources, in an ecocidal merry-go-round. Public ownership is the only efficient, sustainable way of providing the necessities of life for everyone.

This is not some sort of temporary shortage or blip: it is a global emergency. Rosa Luxembourg wrote: “Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism.”

Capitalism is digging our graves – Socialist Voice