Giving A Voice To Trees | HeartMath Institute

There’s something about being with trees – a walk in the forest, the experience of planting a tree or leaning back against a tree with a book in hand. Are trees sentient beings? Can they sense how humans feel about them? Are they affected by our emotions? And, what is it about trees that has an uplifting effect on people?

A new generation of scientists is showing that plants and trees are intelligent and aware; they process information, sleep, remember, and communicate with one another. They have at least 20 different types of senses, including ones that roughly correspond to our five senses. They also have additional senses that can do things such as measure humidity, detect gravity, vibrations, and sense electromagnetic fields. These scientists insist that plants and trees are intelligent because they can sense, learn, remember and even react in ways similar to humans. Their behaviors exhibit a coordinated activity and response across the whole organism that require signaling and communication systems which include long-distance electrical signals, specialized vascular tissues, and the production of chemicals used by the brain and nervous systems in humans and animals. The most well-known way they communicate is chemically. This is why some plants and trees smell so good and others awful.

Giving A Voice To Trees | HeartMath Institute