Trump tried to use stolen classified docs to bribe NARA for FBI smoking gun Russia docs

It was revealed over the weekend that Donald Trump attempted to bribe the government into turning over all of the documents he stole from the White House if the government gives him all of the documents they have on the Russia investigation

Trump has long claimed “Total Exoneration” in the Russia-gate case.  Besides, an appeals court judge has determined that Bill Barr lied when he wrote his summary of the Mueller report — granting Trump absolution where none existed —  Trump has maintained his innocence, but that hasn’t been enough for him.  His lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Peter Strzok was summarily thrown out — so he needs to find something tangible.  Some document. Some recording.  Some piece of evidence that proves that the Russia investigation was entirely a hoax.

Even though it totally wasn’t.

Mueller actually found that Trump was “Not Exonerated.” 

Trump couldn’t be prosecuted because of OLC rules against indicting a sitting president.  Beside the interference by Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein didn’t allow Mueller to do a full counter-intelligence investigation which would have revealed Trump’s many links to Russia mobsters and oligarchs.

So, she explained, there’s nothing there for Trump to barter away.

“It should be that everybody in America realizes that there are no such documents, and even if there were, he can’t trade stolen documents that he has no right to possession,” said Wine Banks. “This goes back a long way. The Presidential Records Act was a result of Richard Nixon wanting to take tax deductions for having documents and trying to leave the White House when he resigned with the tapes. That’s why we have this law, to give it to journalists and historians, to the American people, not to the person who created them as president.”

“You cannot steal something in an attempt to barter.”

DailyKos Trump tried to use stolen classified docs to bribe NARA for FBI smoking gun Russia docs