A retired US Marine went missing in Ukraine. His family says he’s severely injured in a Russian hospital.

Whether Kurpasi is alive or dead has been unknown for some time, which is why he was listed missing in action by the Ukraine Defense Ministry. Those who served with him said that he did not return and was presumed dead initially, but they later received word that he may have survived a mission in which much of his unit was killed or captured. 

“We learned a little bit more and we’re pretty sure that Russia still does have Grady, but for some reason that’s not been confirmed,” said A.J. Smith, who served in the U.S. Army before he traveled to Ukraine and operated in Kurpasi’s unit, which he said was filled with Foreign Legion members from numerous countries. 

Kurpasi was with Andrew Hill, a British soldier fighting in Ukraine outside Kherson, when they came under fire at the end of April. That is where they believe Kurpasi was severely injured. Hill was taken prisoner and released last month by Russia along with 11 other foreign fighters in a prisoner exchange. That Kurpasi wasn’t released with Hill and part of those negotiations was upsetting to his family, those working on his case said. 

A retired Marine went missing in Ukraine. His family says he’s severely injured in a Russian hospital.

NATO is definitely in Ukraine, in the form of ‘volunteers’ and ‘donations’. The only NATO thing lacking are soldiers who are required to go into Ukraine. But that would be another escalation, and Russia can escalate as well, by bringing in allies that have troops willing to battle, such as China and North Korea.

Why are there no peace negotiations? This is a Cuba Missile Crisis 2.0