NOWHERE TO HIDE -How a nuclear war would kill you — and almost everyone else.


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists , 20 Oct 22, François Diaz-Maurin(@francoisdm) is the associate editor for nuclear affairs at theBulletin of the Atomic Scientists.Thomas Gaulkin(@ThomasGaulkin) is multimedia editor of theBulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

ByFrançois Diaz-Maurin, This summer, the New York City Emergency Management departmentreleaseda new public service announcement on nuclear preparedness, instructing New Yorkers about what to do during a nuclear attack. The 90-second videostartswith a woman nonchalantly announcing the catastrophic news:“So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why, just know that the big one has hit.”Then the PSA video advises New Yorkers on what to do in case of a nuclear attack: Get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned to media and governmental updates.

But nuclear preparedness works better if you are not in the blast…

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