Kiev Plans to Explode a Low-Yield Nuclear Device | The Most Revolutionary Act

From 24 February until now, the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant has suffered 39 fire attacks launched by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), including 10 launched by unmanned aerial vehicles and 29 by various artillery systems.

The attacks launched by the AFU at the plant did not cause any anxiety of the world community as, according to various U.S. experts, an impact of large-calibre artillery shells to spent nuclear fuel containers will not cause a considerable risk, and the nuclear reactors are resistible to a civilian airplane crash.

However, the forecast of our experts about the radiation situation’s development furtherly confirmed by relevant European scientific organisations has shown that the release of radioactive substances will affect almost whole Europe.

The Kiev regime plans to camouflage the explosion of this kind of ordnance under an extraordinary effect of Russian low-power nuclear warhead that contains highly enriched uranium in its charge. The presence of radioactive isotopes in the air will be recorded by the sensors of the International Monitoring System installed in Europe with further accusation of the Russian Federation of using tactical nuclear weapons.

Kiev Plans to Explode a Low-Yield Nuclear Device | The Most Revolutionary Act