Dirty Bomb In Radioactiville – The Good Citizen

War “experts”, whose unimpressive commentary makes the viral rounds when things heat up have been speculating that Ukraine will unleash a dirty bomb around Nikolaev to be blamed on Russia in order to get the U.S. 101st Airborne division currently performing war porn drills for CBS news in bordering Romania to move to defend Putin’s last prize, the pearl of the black sea — Odessa.

This would put the U.S. and Russia completely at war, 99%, instead of the current war footing levels of 81%. To be clear 100% war without defined terms of engagement, especially nuclear could mean the end of both countries. Plus the entire northern hemisphere and if a nuclear winter persists, most life on the planet would be on a fast or slow train to extinction.

This Nikolaev strategy seemed quite flawed from the jump. What would Ukraine gain if its own people discovered its government was responsible for nuking a large Ukrainian city of half a million that sits on a major body of water and serves as a vital shipping port? They’d have a hell of a lot to lose.

Operation White Lines Red Lines: Mock up a Uke Tochka missile to look like a Russian Iskander, make life in that area even more lifeless for another 5,000 years in addition to the previous 10,000-year death blanket already covering the area, then get the UK and US to buy off the IAEA “nuclear inspectors” to say Russia did it and voila the entire world is one step closer to getting those extinction rebellion ding-dongs the one thing they claim to fear most— extinction.

I call it the mass delusion scenario to heighten tensions and scare the hell out of the western masses so more money and power can be siphoned by the criminals in charge at the expense of real security and liberty for their own people. The greater the “threat” and “emergency”, the more they can turn their countries into police states.

Dirty Bomb In Radioactiville – The Good Citizen