Welcome to World War Three – Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics

In addition to the CIA presence on the ground in Ukraine, NATO commandos from Lithuania, Canada, Britain, and France are also present. Notably, there are several Donald Trump-aligned Republicans in the legislature, including Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) eager to “[go] for the kill” and overtly deploy American military advisors to Ukraine. Former US special operators are already on the ground near the contact line, training Kiev’s forces and developing battle plans.

How can this be interpreted as anything but a full-fledged war, minus USG and NATO “boots on the ground”? For now it is advisors on the ground. History (unvarnished and truthful) demonstrates how this led to a rapid escalation in Vietnam.

It is true to say the average American has a very short attention span, is generally not interested in geopolitics, and, thanks largely to “pubic” education, has a very weak if nonexistent understanding of world events beyond what they are fed by the corporate media. It will be too late for an education when the bombs go off and nuclear winter sets in.

I believe it is a foregone conclusion Russia will react when NATO and USG artillery and missiles fall on Crimea or the newly established republics. It will be an attack on Russia proper.

Welcome to World War Three – Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics