Let the Silence Ring | Reflections of an English Quaker

We are dismayed by the fact that some Christian churches condone, encourage and even actively support the planning and preparation of war, rehearsals for war (including practising the delivery of weapons of mass destruction), and even the fighting of war by their respective governments.

Our allegiance is to Christ and we seek justice and peace for the whole of humanity. As disciples of Jesus we seek to do justice, to love our enemies as well as our friends, and to walk humbly with our God, who blesses us with life every day. Jesus is our supreme example as we seek to live lives of active nonviolence in accordance with the Gospel of peace.

We call upon Christians and churches everywhere to live in the same Spirit which inspired past Assemblies and to act in accordance with the recognition that war is contrary to the will of God. This means refusing to cooperate in war-fighting or in preparations for war and in particular refusing to cooperate in the production, deployment and preparations for use of weapons of mass destruction. It means refusing to participate in the manufacture or supply of weapons of any kind. Weapons can only be used to kill people and only serve to prolong and escalate wars. Peace and security cannot be established by military means.

letthesilencering Let the Silence Ring | Reflections of an English Quaker