Clarence Thomas Failing to Note Wife Ginni’s $680k Side Income Resurfaces

Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas’ failure to disclose more than $680,000 of his wife’s income in filings over a decade ago has re-emerged as she is set to meet with the House of Representatives January 6 committee.

Lawyer and conservative activist Virginia “Ginni” Thomas was paid $686,589 by the conservative Heritage Foundation from 2003 to 2007 but Justice Thomas did not report that income in financial disclosures for those years.

As The Los Angeles Times reported in 2011, Thomas had checked a box saying “none” in a section of his disclosure that asked for information about “spousal noninvestment income.”

In 2011, Justice Thomas amended 13 years’ worth of disclosure reports to include details of Ginni Thomas’ sources of income. The amended documents showed that she had worked for the Heritage Foundation as well as Hillsdale College in Michigan and the House Republican leadership, among others.

Newsweek Clarence Thomas Failing to Note Wife Ginni’s $680k Side Income Resurfaces