The Evidence for Human Reincarnation is Here

Rose Rambles...

And It Changes Everything ~ Oct. 30, 2022


We live in amazing times. I never thought I would write this, but: we now have very good scientific evidence for human reincarnation as a natural fact of life. Yes, you can read that sentence again.

This evidence mainly . These details are then checked against the details of the former life being described (such as people, places and events), very often with uncanny agreement. So much agreement, in fact, that it really does seem that these people have lived as other people, and represent the rare cases in which this previous life-experience is readily accessible through memory.

When a high percentage of these life-details are verified as correct, a link between two different human lives is suggested. Our task is then to do everything we can to explain this link within our existing paradigm — i.e. by finding a physical…

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