Ominous: All U.S. Military Aircraft Transponders Turned OFF ~ Nov. 2, 2022

A strange thing is taking place early Monday morning.  All United States military aircraft have turned their transponders off.  The planes can no longer be tracked by civilian entities or  via the Internet.

Even more ominous, word is coming out of several regional airports around the US, especially several near US nuclear missile bases, that fighter and other military aircraft are being quietly moved to those Regional airports, with no explanation.

One possibility is that the US is moving the aircraft to put them away from likely nuclear attack targets, such as air bases.  This would – in theory – allow some of the US military aircraft to survive a nuclear first strike.  It’s almost the same as when the military moves planes or ships to avoid a coming hurricane.

Does the U.S. expect an incoming nuclear strike?   Or is the U.S. planning a nuclear first strike against Russia, and is therefore moving its planes in anticipation of a return strike?

Ominous: All U.S. Military Aircraft Transponders: OFF ~ Nov. 2, 2022 – Rose Rambles…

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