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COVID-19 Vaccine Creates Life Altering Surgical Emergencies

When a blood clot lets loose on the arterial side of the circulation and lands in a vascular bed servicing an organ, a process called ischemia sets where the organ or a region of tissue is deprived of oxygen and vital nutrients.  There is very little time before injury and then often permanent damage occurs.  This is best exemplified by an embolic stroke. 

In top hospitals there are “stroke teams” that rush in and try to make decisions based on rapid tests and apply interventional procedures and or clot busting medications within minutes.  The speed at which medical response teams act is similar to trauma surgery.   Because the mRNA and adenoviral DNA COVID-19 vaccines install the genetic code for the coronavirus Spike protein, which causes blood clots, doctors are fielding a new variety of arterial embolic syndromes in addition to stroke.

One of the first COVID-19 vaccine induced deaths that I reported to the Vaccine Event Reporting System (VAERS) was a 64-year-old woman who had only baseline emphysema in her medical history.  In the spring of 2021, she took the two-dose series of Moderna (100 mcg of mRNA).  Within a few days of the second injection, she developed an arterial embolic syndrome where a shower of blood clots went to her legs requiring hospitalization and blood thinners.  This left her debilitated and we later discovered blood clots in her venous system as well.  I was called by the Dallas County Coroners Office about 90 days later when she was found dead at home.  The vaccine injury requiring hospitalization was the only new medical problem, so I concluded that she had died of this thromboembolic syndrome despite the use of blood thinners.   I requested an autopsy but the coroner’s office declined.

I infer from a press statement he has an inherited tendency towards blood clotting:  “He had three blood clots in the arteries of his left leg from the back of his calf to his ankle, cutting off blood flow to his foot. He discovered that two uncles, one of whom died, and his mother had problems with blood clots.”  Pictures of the sidelines showed Sanders had lost weight and was in a scooter–undoubtedly on the long road to recovery learning to walk and hopefully run again with his surgically saved feet.   At age 55 being healthy and fit, the only smoking thrombogenic gun is the multiple doses of COVID-19 vaccines plus his lifelong proclivity to clotting.  I wonder if Sanders, his doctors, or docuseries producers ever read any papers, substacks, or tweets about blood clots after vaccination.   Why did he not come out and admit he was wrong, and recognize the injections had changed his life forever?   Like so many, Sanders became quiet about vaccination with no more virtue signaling or public enthusiasm.  Psychologists will be studying and writing about what is going on in the mind of someone who had unbridled enthusiasm for an experimental government vaccine and then gets burned with an obvious complication—all in public view.  “Neon Deion” could help so many more now by teaming up with doctor(s) and telling the world what vaccination did to him or how it played a role with his genetics to create a shower of blood clots to his toes.  Hopefully it’s a matter of time for him to make this honest and humble run for his players and fans.

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