Healing Trauma with EMDR – YouTube


Nearly every day, we see evidence further confirming that we are facing a mental health crisis, especially among our youth. American society is beset by mass shootings and other acts of violence, which serve to exacerbate the large-scale trauma already inflicted by the pandemic. Only this week, the media highlighted the urgent issue confronting Generation Z’ers, who lack the funds to pay for medications or mental health therapy. Inadvertently, it seems, we are fueling rather than defusing the problem.

Fortunately, there is affordable hope on the horizon. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) was discovered in 1987 by psychologist, Francine Shapiro who found a novel method for aligning people’s “thinking brains” with their “emotional brains”, to help process traumatic events. Since then, it has been providing hope and healing to countless sufferers of PTSD and other emotional and stress-related problems; these include depression, chronic pain, anxiety, phobias, substance abuse and addictions.

Studies demonstrate EMDR’s clinical effectiveness in dealing with trauma in a limited number of sessions and it is rated the most cost-effective treatment among the top 11 trauma therapies. With Deborah Korn, PsyD, an internationally renowned expert in EMDR and Michael Baldwin, co-author of the book with Deborah Korn : Every Memory Deserves Respect”, also branding and communication professional in New York.

(2) Healing Trauma with EMDR – YouTube