Nuclear Power Is a Dead End. We Must Abandon It Completely.

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In fact, the knock-out arguments against the nuclear industry today are reactors’ cost and deployment time. The greatest barriers to this claimed renaissance—and it is primarily talk, not investment—is its inability to deliver affordable power on time and on budget.

Small nuclear reactors (SMRs) -both slower to deploy than conventional reactors and more expensive per kilowatt capacity. overall, SMRs are inferior to conventional reactors with respect to radioactive waste generation, management requirements, and disposal options.

Even given Europe’s energy crisis, the case against nuclear power has never been so conclusive—and so important.

The Nation, ByPaul Hockenos 13 Oct 22,

BERLIN—Amid a confluence of crises—the Ukraine war, an energy crisis, and climate breakdown—nuclear energy is experiencing a renaissance, at least in the rhetoric of politicians and pundits across Europe, North America, and beyond. After all, it’s tempting to propose these generators of low-carbon energy…

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