Meditation And Breathing: From Ego To Oneness

We see that we are all ONE. And so we are reborn with unconditional LOVE and a blissful sense of oneness.Of course, the ego fears its death through meditation. That’s why sometimes it is so difficult to not lose our focus on our breathing.

Once the silence of our ego is ultimately achieved through meditation, we expand our conscious awareness from ME to WE, and we start to understand the concept of Universal Consciousness. That’s why your ego will do anything to keep you away from sitting down in solitude and silence.

Your ego will come up with endless reasons why you don’t need to meditate (“I don’t have time”, “I’ll do it tonight”, “I want to go the gym now”…). Even when you finally achieve resonance of your heart and mind through meditation, your ego will still try to interfere with its overwhelming, never-ending mind chatter.

Meditation And Breathing: From Ego To Oneness – Nov. 5, 2022 – Rose Rambles…