Ukraine Without Ukrainians, Earth Without Life, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad

These devotees of the Rules Based Order tore up treaties and expanded military alliances and installed missile bases and made hateful accusations and expelled diplomats. Look at even the least likely one. Pick even the person you believe to be Putin’s servant. Trump sold weapons to Ukraine, blocked Russian energy deals, forced NATO members to buy more weapons, continued the militarization of the border of Russia, sanctioned and expelled Russian officials, rejected numerous Russian overtures on space weapons, cyber wars, etc., tore up disarmament treaties, bombed Russian troops in Syria, and generally escalated the new cold war. And rather than seeking to protect the planet, what did the “opposition” in the United States Congress do? They pretended that Trump was serving Russian interests because he’d been urinated on.

And I mean there were decades of this, including the 2014 coup. And Russia’s demands a year ago were absolutely reasonable, indistinguishable from what U.S. demands would be were Russia putting missiles in Toronto and Tijuana. Ukraine had a president elected in 2019 to make peace and comply with the law, including the Minsk 2 agreements. But the U.S. wanted war. The U.S. has no capacity for encouraging peace, has no trillion-dollar-a-year program for scheming and plotting peace. When fascists demanded their way in Ukraine, the U.S. responded as it had with Italy and Germany in the 1930s. And when Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. and its poodles worked to prevent any negotiated halt to the war.

All right. Enough playing along. The weapons tsunami cannot be defended with the “Never Without Ukrainians” talk because it’s boosting the risks of a nuclear apocalypse, and Ukrainians are a tiny percentage of those people — never mind other creatures — who would perish. The war is already devastating the natural environment and the ability of nations to cooperate on pressing needs including the environment, disease, poverty, etc. Speaking of which, fractions of this spending could have been used — and could still be used — instead to end starvation on Earth, to end poverty in the United States, to create a Green New Deal of the sort we’re always told is too expensive. Not just the reach of a nuclear war or a nuclear winter, but the quantity of dollars involved here makes this bigger than Ukraine. This many dollars can kill or save or transform vastly more lives than the entire population of Europe.

Ukraine Without Ukrainians, Earth Without Life, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad