“Until Proven Otherwise.” -Two top Cardiologists agree Covid Vaccines causing Sudden Deaths./ Viral Video/

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by Kennedy Hall / Comments Fri Nov 4, 2022 @TexasLindsay via thefreeonline

“Until Proven Otherwise.” -Two World Renowned Cardiologists reach the same conclusion on what’s causing SADS. This new video VSRF is likely the most significant and important video I’ve ever made. Please share, it could save someone’s life.

Top cardiologists attribute ‘sudden death on a massive scale in young people’ to COVID jabs ‘until proven otherwise’

Personally, I find it a bit rich that the mainstream is so reluctant to see any connection between people dropping like flies and jabs stabbing into shoulders.– A video has been released by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation containing a slew of clips of recorded sudden deaths in young people accompanied by commentary of top cardiologists.

Both Dr. Peter McCullough and British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra are featured in the video saying that “until proven otherwise” it must be assumed that the experimental…

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