Who Helped Finance Musk’s Twitter Purchase

While Elon Musk’s massive $44 billion buyout of Twitter might seem like a one-man show, it’s really a kind of Suicide Squad of big tech moguls and financiers coming together in a strange rogue’s gallery reunion. Not only were Musk’s personal rich friends in the mix, but the holding companies of Middle Eastern nations and a few moneyed crypto supporters jumped in head first. All of them have Musk’s ear and are looking to steer Twitter in one direction or the other.

As much as this last week has seemed like a migraine-inducing dive into one man’s ludicrous, single-minded pursuit of making Twitter profitable, it’s also just as likely that Musk is feeling the pressure from the more than 20 companies, venture firms, banks, and at least one Saudi prince who have certain expectations of a return on investment.

One of the heads of Manhattan Venture Partners, Andrea Walne, admitted to Business Insider back in October “we’re all trying to get out of it,” referring to the Twitter deal. They were especially unhappy with what they were paying for a company that might look more like a $10 billion or $12 billion company, rather than the $44 billion they were expecting to partly shoulder. MVP put a noted $7.1 billion equity into the Twitter deal.

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