France’s Nuclear Power Problems Are Mounting


Oil Price, ByZeroHedge– Nov 07, 2022,

France’s nuclear troubles are mounting due primarily to routine maintenance of the country’s 56 aging reactors. A new update from French electric utility companyElectricite de France SA, commonly known as EDF, said an outlook for nuclear power generation was slashed ahead of winter, causing chaos in energy markets.

EDF is the world’s largest owner of nuclear plants. ItreportedFriday that its fleet of nuclear reactors is expected to produce between 275 and 285 terawatt-hours of energy this year, down from the range of 280 and 300 terawatt-hours.

The reduced outlook comes amid aseries of strikesat nuclear plants across the country that delayed planned maintenance work. Nuclear power generation has been sliding all year due to technical issues, and abouthalf of the country’s 56 reactors are shuttered.

“The situation changed drastically this year, when France swung…

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