DOC admits to their recent killing of Kea in 1080 drop (note, killing NZ’s native birds with 1080 is not new)

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

This looks like an uncommon occurrence while still insisting the pay off is worth it to continue its use.

Here is a link to Newshub’s recent news announcement on topic at Youtube:

“The Department of Conservation has confirmed a number of kea were killed in a recent 1080 drop around Arthur’s Pass. The department says it’s awful, not good enough, and they want to do better.”

‘Too big a sacrifice’: DoC confirms kea killed in recent 1080 drop around Arthur’s Pass | Newshub

However, consider the list below of historic carnage concerning 1080 and the unfortunate Kea:

And for those new to the topic consider this article I wrote in 2018:

Why are people so concerned about 1080?

Photo: Image by Tim from Pixabay

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