Parallel Timelines

Do short meditations and feel your body, your inner voice, and your heart. Learn to listen to the voice of your soul. She’s guiding you now like never before. But you need to separate the old beliefs and allow yourself in the new. New realities are emerging more and more rapidly, and you may enter mental confusion or existential conflicts. This mess is motivated exactly because you’re living in two Timelines simultaneously.

Every incarnate human being at this moment, has a final choice now. She will be decisive as this is also the last incarnation in duality on this Planet. The opportunity offered by the Divine Plan is great, which makes each soul incarnate, feel the multiple vibrations, so that each one can know how to choose their path without any doubt.

This “trouble” in feeling, is that gives the north to make each choice according to the current stage within the evolution of each incarnate soul. Remembering that everything is frequency, and that the Universal Laws do not read words. No one can deceive their own conscience. We still have some time left but the funnel is tightening. The Timelines are available to all, and everyone can make their own choice now.

Parallel Timelines ~ Nov. 14, 2022 – Rose Rambles…