How to Avoid the Dark Side of Spirituality – Openhearted Rebellion

I’m talking about our susceptibility to liars and deceivers who claim to stand between us and the divine. People who gain large followings claiming to be the bridge to God, and use their power to manipulate and hurt people.

Do not let these culty snake oil salesmen lead you astray. 

Instead, look for the divine in your everyday life. Meditate daily or whenever you need a sense of spiritual connection, and remember to integrate the stillness of your meditation into your everyday life. Stop at random moments to take a slow, deep breath, reminding yourself that in stillness you find clarity and answers. 

We don’t need a preacher or guru; calm moments of stillness are available to us at any time. The simple act of stopping and taking a breath can make you feel more in touch with that which so many lost and desperate people seek from gurus and, sadly, cult leaders. 

There is no shame in seeking out or celebrating your spirituality in whatever way inspires you. Just remember it is a deeply personal practice, and let no one tell you they have answers you can only find in yourself. The answers lie not in the words of someone who knows what to say to get followers, but in simple stillness and meditation.

How to Avoid the Dark Side of Spirituality – Openhearted Rebellion

Many so called ‘spiritual’ groups are still fully endorsing and supporting mandated masks, experimental jabs without any full informed consent, social distancing and worse… Fear, hatred and intolerance takes the form of mass psychosis, even inside of supposedly ‘spiritual’ groups.